Documentation Manager and Technical Writer

Who am I?

I've been a technology buff since 1995, a husband since 1997, an on-again/off-again saxophonist since 1999, an Israeli since 2003, a blogger since 2006, a Technical Writer since 2008, handy with a drill since 2009, a digital magazine publisher since 2013, an entrepreneur since 2016, and a podcaster since 2017.


I started off at NDS as a Patent Paralegal. I self-funded a course in technical writing and then worked in the Security Group, documenting security chips for Smart Cards. NDS gave me a solid foundation for everything that was to come afterwards.


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Why Don't You Get in Touch?

Hey, you don't have to use the form. Call me on 0542044469, or send an email: yossi@ykarp.com.